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There is Help... There is Hope!!!


Stop struggling with your finances!

Stop living pay check to pay check.  Stop the stress, worry, and fights over money.  Reduce debt, improve credit scores, grow savings and investments, meet goals. 


Discover your path to Financial Well-Being...

~Have control over day-to-day, month-to-month expenses

~Have the capacity to absorb a financial shock / emergency

~Be on track to meet short and long term financial goals

~Have the Financial Freedom to be able to make the choices

     that allow one to enjoy life

Beginning with the first FREE Initial Counseling Session, financial issues are discussed and solutions are developed with practical Action Plan steps.  Professional counseling services are tailored to each clients specific needs, in a strictly confidential, un-biased, non-judgmental atmosphere.

About Me



  • Professionally Certified

  • Private / Confidential

  • Non-Judgemental

  • Un-Biased Advice

  • Ethical Integrity

  • Affordable Rates

  • Empathetic Listening

  • Team Problem Solving

  • Implementation of Action Plans

  • Practical Solutions

  • Etc... Etc...


Financial Counseling



  • Build & Live Within a Spending Plan

  • Manage Credit and Debt

  • Reduce Debt... to ZERO!

  • Build Emergency Savings

  • Meet Short & Long Term Goals

  • Major Purchases

  • Teach Kids about Money

  • College Funding Plans

  • Insurance Needs Assessments

  • Retirement Funding

  • Etc... Etc...

Legal Shield / ID Shield



  • Personal Legal Advice

  • 24 / 7 Emergency Access

  • Letters / Calls made on your behalf

  • Contracts & Documents reviewed

  • Wills / Living Wills

  • Healthcare Power of Atttorney

  • Traffic Issues / Consumer Issues

  • IRS Audit Assistance

  • Civil Trial Defense / Family Defense

  • ID Theft Monitoring and Restoration

  • Etc... Etc...



  • "George, you've transformed our lives!"

  • "He's down to Earth and really knows his stuff.  No judgement or biases.  Plus, he  has VERY affordable rates."

  • I must say that when we first started this, I ws depressed and have been near tears almost every night!  We have messed up - been a bad example for our kids, and so on, and so on.  Now however, while I still have questions, I am starting to get excited! Can we really change our spot at this point in our lives?  I think so, and I'm excited...

  • "He set me on course to make the necessary changes in my financial life... thanks to his continued support and guidance."

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