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What is your Financial Well-Being Score?    


Building Solutions to Financial Well-Being


Building Solutions...

  • Team Approach - Listening and Problem Solving together Eduact

  • Education and information to apply to Action Plan Steps

  • Tools and Resources to help along the way

  • Full support to implement changes that lead to...


Financial Well-Being...

Having the Financial Freedom to be able to make the choices that allow one to enjoy life


                                       There is Help... There is Hope!

Free Initial Consultation


  • Listening and Evaluation of Financial Position
  • Identifying Positive & Negative Behaviors
  • Discover Money Habits and Attitudes
  • Development of a Plan of Action
  • Assess the client's desire for Change
  • Scheduling of Counseling Work Session(s)
Information to Make Decisions


  • Education on Financial Topics
  • Evaluate Credit Offers
  • Improve Relationships
  • Shopper Education
  • Loan Consolidation  Information
  • Managing Student Loans
  • Get the right Insurance Coverage
Manage Your Money
  • Build and Live Within a Spending Plan
  • Strategies to Survive and Thrive Month-to-Month
  • Establish Needs and Wants
  • Spend based on Priorities
  • Mangae Debt and Improve Credit Score
  • Reduce... and even Eliminate Debt
  • Save for Unexpected Expenses
Set and Achieve Goals


  • Set and Achieve Short Term Goals
  • Strategies to Meet Intermediate & Long Term Goals
  • Save for Kids College
  • Make Major Purchases
  • Pay off the House
  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Importance of Giving & Using Money effectively
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