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I teach individuals and families that budgets do not work!

A lot of times, I run into people who have challenges controlling their money.

They find themselves…

  • Living month to month, paycheck-to-paycheck

  • Struggling with Debt - credit cards, car payments, mortgage, student loans, etc…

  • With no savings, no emergency fund, no insurance, no investments, no college funds, no plan for retirement, renting a home, etc…

  • With no written goals… and their dreams are long gone - sad!

  • Coping with stress, worry, frustration, fear, etc…

  • Not having taught their kids about money… or they have taught kids by poor example. My experience is that kids don’t listen, but they do watch us to learn!

  • Having “Money Fights” – 50% divorce & 90% say money fights is #1 fight

They may have tried to budget, but have found that “budgets", much like “diets”, have not helped. Budgets don’t work because they restrict & eliminate choices and control -- instead of allowing people to experience the freedom and abundance they deserve when they manage and direct their money with a Spending Plan.


What I do is help people develop and work with a written spending plan. They experience the structure and control they need to become successful with money. With the right education, tools, and resources,I see my clients begin to move forward financially.  I offer Help & I restore Hope!


My clients are able to make choices that allow them to move toward...

Financial Well-Being:

  • Having control over day-to-day and month-to-month expenses.

  • Having the capacity to absorb a financial shock.

  • Being on track to meet financial goals.

  • Having the financial freedom to be able to make the choices that allow one to enjoy life.

Do you want to get well?   What are you waiting for? 


Schedule your free Initial Consultation today!

I am passionate about helping people improve their personal financial situations.


A former Vocational Instructor with over 20 years experience. I have worked as a blue collar retail manager.  I discovered a calling to help people who struggle with personal finances.  Over 11 years of research, training, and experience working with people on their personal finances, including 4-1/2 years experience all over the United States, working with thousands of military Army National Guard and Reserve personnel and family members who have served our country.

From one-to-one and couples counseling, to small group presentations, to large group presentations, I can put together a plan to improve your financial position.  I strive to help people along the path to Financial Well-Being.

Certified by the Nationally Accredited "Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education" as an "Accredited Financial Counselor" - upholding the highest standards of professional knowledge, skill, and ethical conduct.

Exceeding the standards for certification and membership into the 2018-2019 biennium.

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